Ted Bunn’s Heller 1/400 Graf Spee

Oct 21, 2010 | Blog

Incredible model ship work that needs to be shown!

We recently received a few new model ship pictures from Ted Bunn.  As you can see from the pictures, this is artwork that simply needs to be shown.  Below is a Heller Graf Spee in 1/400 scale and a few kind words from Ted!  Gotta love this guy’s artwork!

model display case

I finally finished my Heller 1/400 Graf Spee. Thought you might like to see how she looks in the case you made for me. 🙂

My next project will be a resin ship. The Combrig 1/350 SMS Scharnhorst. She’s a WW I German armored cruiser. Should be an interesting project. I’ll let you know when it is time for the case to be made. 😉

All the best,


model display case

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