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Mar 12, 2022 | Custom Cases, How It's Made

Often, when Grandpa’s Cabinets builds a display kit for a large model or item, the overall size of the kit makes it impossible to find a table or shelf that will accommodate the display properly.  Some customers place the kit on the floor or a coffee table and it extends out over the edges which isn’t the look most want.  When this happens, I’m asked if a custom table can be made to match the kit’s wood and color that will make the display look as if it were planned that way from the start.  Here’s an example of just such a situation.

This customer had a model airplane that was large and needed to be shown in a display case for protection and safety.  The overall size of the interior of this case needed to be 36” x 36” x 10” high which is quite large.  He also wanted this to be displayed as a one piece table/display case.  I decided to build this for him in solid cherry wood and ¼” acrylic sheet finished in a red mahogany stain and satin finish. 

Build the Acrylic Cover

The first step was to build the acrylic cover that would be sitting in a grooved table top.  This is done first so the table can be built to fit the cover which makes it possible to get a good fit.  I then proceeded to cut and mill all the wood pieces that would make up the table.

custom display case table

Conduct a Test Fit

As the photo shows, I have the acrylic cover made, the sprons and legs cut and tapered and this is ready to do a test fit.  The photo shows the edging being fitted and glued for the groove to fit the acrylic cover.

Sand and Stain

I then sanded all parts, stained the table top and legs and did a rough fit to insure all was perfect.  This customer also asked for an additional set of 4 legs that were shorter than the actual table was to be so it would fit in his particular home location.  All legs were made to be easily removed and changed over to suit however the display needed to be.

Once it was determined all was a perfect fit, I proceeded to stain the cherry in the red mahogany and apply several coats of a wipe on polyurethane to give the overall table a beautiful satin finish. 

Customer Delivery Day

Now it was time to deliver this to the customer.  I am always anxious to see the response my customers have to what I’ve built and I’m proud to say, this gentleman was overwhelmed with joy.  He cherished the model that was custom built for him and this just made the display perfect. 

Delivery day pics.  I truly love building these special order displays and I hope you like seeing how these come about.

Another Custom Table for a Custom Display Kit Model Ship

Finally, here’s another example of a table I made for a customer who had a kit for a year and could not find a table to fit his display.  It was made in matching wood and color to go with his display.

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