Aircraft Model Display Cases

Custom Display Cases for Your Aircraft Models

Building aircraft models can take a lot of time and effort, especially if you add your own personal touches. For many of us, our favorite models represent hours upon hours of meticulous work. Utilizing aircraft model display cases can help protect your model collection.

At Grandpa’s Cabinets, artisan cabinetmaker Ron Baluch creates display cases for model planes that are as functional as they are attractive. We use high-quality optical acrylic to provide crystal-clear visibility alongside durability. We can build your custom display case for either tiny or larger models.

Display Cases for Model Planes: Benefits and Features

Our custom-built aircraft model display cases bring many benefits and features, including the following:

  • A great viewing experience: The optical-grade acrylic tops and sides will allow you to display your aircraft models clearly. Most people can’t tell the difference between the acrylic in our display cases and traditional or tempered glass.
  • Not prone to breaking: Unlike glass, acrylic doesn’t easily break. As such, hobbyists can handle their display cases without worrying about their cases easily breaking.
  • Dust resistance: Besides breaking and falling, enthusiasts worry about dust, pet hair, debris, mildew, and other organic substances deteriorating their model planes. Our custom-built acrylic cases provide excellent resistance from dust and curious fingers.
  • Straightforward cleaning: You may still need to dust off your case sometimes. Usually, a soft cloth is enough to protect your case from blemishes.
  • High-quality bases: You can order your display case with or without a base. We create solid hardwood bases–no finishes like laminates or veneers.
  • An artistic look: Your model display case should never detract from your precious miniature airplane. However, no one wants a bland display case, either. We’ll design an artistic display case that enhances your model airplane.
  • Exact specifications: We’ll meet the precise specifications you need for your display case. We promise that your display case will fit your existing base.
  • Quick completion time: At Grandpa’s Cabinets, we never rush perfection. However, we strive for faster turnaround times without sacrificing quality. We guarantee we’ll finish your project in three weeks or less.

How We Construct Your Custom Acrylic Display Case

acrylic display case

A completed custom display case with a natural finish on an oak base.

After discussing your specific needs, we’ll start constructing your top-notch acrylic display case. To create the edges of the acrylic cover box, we use a bent-edge method for cases 40 inches or less. This process adds strength and rigidity while protecting your model airplane.

We utilize a constructed-edge technique, adding excellent protection, for larger models that need a case bigger than 40 inches.

We heat your necessary acrylic and use forms and jigs to add three unique sides to your display case’s top. Next, we bend your case’s upper edges while attaching acrylic to its exterior ends.


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Our customized aircraft model display cases can protect your collectibles while looking great. You can expect high quality every step of the way.

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