Model Train Display Cases

Scale model trains are a timeless classic perfect for all ages. Children and adults alike can take great pride in building and collecting beloved locomotives. Our model train display cases can protect your collection while showcasing it to the entire world when your cars are not on the tracks.

At Grandpa’s Cabinets, we craft customized acrylic and wooden display cases for scale trains. We use tough, robust optical-grade acrylic to create the covers. This material provides excellent transparency alongside supreme protection. The cover sits upon a beautifully stained hardwood base. Our artisan cabinetmaker, Ron Baluch, will work hard to build your model train’s display case to your specifications.

Custom Model Train Display Cases

Building and displaying model trains to scale can be a wonderful hobby, whether you’re a history buff or just like the way trains look. At Grandpa’s Cabinets, we use optical-grade acrylic materials (at a minimum thickness of 3/16”) paired with solid hardwood bases. We never use laminates, veneers, or other cheap materials to build your customized display case. You can choose to order only the acrylic cover (if you have your own base) or order the base-and-cover combination.

Our Precise Building Process

When designing and building your customized model train display cases, Ron crafts the sides differently for smaller vs. larger acrylic covers. For acrylic covers less than 40″, we utilize a bent-edge technique. This process entails heating your acrylic via jigs and forms, creating three curved edges. We bend your case’s upper edges and attach acrylic to its outer ends.

In contrast, for cases above 40″, we use a constructed design edge. Both methods provide the utmost protection and visual flair.

With many hardwood bases to choose from, including oak, we can construct a beautiful display case foundation that will enhance your model train.

If you need an extra-long case that exceeds shipping limitations, we have an alternative mode of constructing the case. We break it down into components and ship it to you as a Model Display Kit for you to assemble at home. These kits contain stained oak bases and rails (trim) along with acrylic pieces that are all pre-cut. We protect the acrylic for shipping and provide all that you need for easy assembly.

Collectible Display Benefits and Features

Our custom model train display cases provide many features and benefits:

  • Easy to handle: Since acrylic is lightweight, you can handle it easily.
  • Easy to clean: One of the main allures of display cases is that they prevent your model train from gathering dust. Of course, you’ll still need to dust your actual display case occasionally. Luckily, since acrylic is dust and scratch-resistant, you’ll need only a soft cloth.
  • Glass-like similarities: While glass offers a clear view, it’s also prone to breaking. Acrylic provides much more excellent breakage resistance while maintaining crystal-clear views.
  • Plenty of customization: Every display case is unique, based upon your exact specifications. We’ll take no more than three weeks to complete your project.

Get Your Customized Scale Train Display Cases Today

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