If you are a Lego collector and avid plastic-brick builder, the best way to keep your collectibles safe is with custom-built Lego display cases from Grandpa’s Cabinets. The impressive pieces in your collection will be much easier to see when each occupies a prominent pride of place in your home that is visible and well-lit.

At Grandpa’s Cabinets, our craftsman Ron Baluch provides handcrafted, custom-designed Lego display cases in a variety of sizes and dimensions that will enable you to exhibit any of your favorite Lego creations, from arranged scenes like Harry Potter’s Diagon Alley to the grand starship The Millennium Falcon and the ornate cruise ship Titanic.

Lego Display Case Gallery

Storing, protecting, and displaying all of your Lego builds will be even better with bespoke Lego display cases that you know are made to last and will never break or fail.

The items within our cases should remain dust-free and safe from the elements.
Our custom display cases will also protect your cherished models from getting knocked off and broken by family pets or the curious hands of young children.

Keeping your Lego collection secured and covered by an acrylic cover while on display also protects your investment as a collector while still enjoying the visual appeal of your Lego constructions.

Features and Materials

Each of our damage-resistant custom display cases is made to order to your specifications and dimensions.

lego display caseWhat are the characteristics of our Lego display cases at Grandpa’s Cabinets?

Each includes:

  • A crystal-clear, optical-grade acrylic cover of varying thicknesses (minimum 3/16”) for sides and top, which you can order with or without a base (if you already have a display stand)
  • A display base of solid hardwood, which we can stain to keep the wood look or paint, if you desire
  • The option of a display case that can be tabletop style or wall-mounted on shelving

Simply lift up the clear case cover from the base for easy access to your Lego model and figure arrangement. The acrylic in our custom display cases under 40” has a bent-edge style, while display cases over 40” have a constructed edge design.

A Lego display case is the perfect addition to any Lego collector’s home or office and a great way to add personality to any space.

Model Display Kit Option for Super-Large Lego Builds

If you need a custom case that exceeds shipping size limitations, we also offer a self-assembly acrylic hardwood trimmed model display kit with stained solid hardwood trim and base (no laminates) and optical grade acrylic panels for sides and top of the case. All pieces will be cut to size and ready for easy customer assembly.

Lego Display Case Ideas

We can share endless Lego set display case ideas, each of which will keep your treasured collection looking polished, gorgeous, and protected as stunning art pieces. Our customized Lego display cases are also phenomenal because we can create them to fit perfectly with your exciting Lego builds.

Need inspiration for Lego display case ideas?

millenium falcon lego display case

  • Acrylic covers for Lego art pieces mounted on a wall shelf base
  • Lego helmet display cases (grouped side-by-side)
  • Group of themed Lego sets (Star Wars, Marvel, etc.)
  • Recreating iconic TV and movie moment scenes, with mini-figure arrangement
  • Creation of fun color combinations with a random pairing of Lego sets

Contact us at Grandpa’s Cabinets with your ideas and we will do our best to build a display case for your needs and desires!

We proudly craft only the highest quality display cases for collections of all types and sizes. Every Lego collector should be able to enjoy their beautiful pieces while keeping them safe, clean, and maintaining your investment value.

Lego Mini-Figure Display Case

A Lego mini-figure display case is a great way to carefully house all your favorite mini-figures. You have several options for a Lego figure display case, as you can feature as many or as few mini-figures as you like. We can create a long, narrow base for a single row of figures, a deeper base if you would like to arrange them in an action formation, or a base with risers to allow for multiple rows of figures. A solid Lego mini-figure display case also ensures that their value will not diminish due to years of wear, handling, and dust.

Lego Titanic Display Case

We frequently build Lego set display cases to enclose the Lego model of the historic ship. Our display case from Grandpa’s Cabinets will keep the coveted model safe and dust-free. An ornate model like this has many small components and details that are fun to display and show people, but it can be nerve-racking keeping it out in the open and unprotected. We can create our all-acrylic cover or you can order our model display kit with a custom-crafted wood casing trim around the transparent display case—some customers feel it adds a more historic feel to enhance the beautiful Lego ship.

Cases for Lego Star Wars Sets

lego millennium falcon display case

Lego has made many Star Wars sets, ranging from small scenes to big battles, with numerous mini-figures and components. You may need a big Lego display case to set the scenarios and protect every part of these complicated and fun sets. Lego’s Star Wars Millennium Falcon starship is one of the most popular and sought-after pieces for both Lego collectors and Star Wars fans. What better way to admire your hard work building this iconic piece than with a custom Lego Millennium Falcon display case?

Lego Display Cases From Grandpa’s Cabinets

At Grandpa’s Cabinets, we can create the perfect showcase for the items in your Lego collection. Artisan Ron Baluch personally handcrafts each one to produce the display case of your dreams. Whether you need a very small Lego display case for a single model Lego car or a large custom display case for Hogwarts Castle, we’re ready to tackle the job and make precisely what you need.

Take your Lego collection to the next level with a beautiful, sturdy, acrylic-and-hardwood custom-handcrafted Lego display case. We can complete a custom case within three weeks. Call us at (586) 506-2222 or fill out or online form to get a quote.

Lego Resources

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