Model Car Display Cases

Start your engines and get ready to create the perfect model car display case to showcase your latest collection! At Grandpa’s Cabinets, our artisan cabinetmaker Ron Baluch creates custom model car display cases that cater to your explicit specifications. 

Nothing can quite compare to the feeling of completing your prized collection or putting the final touches on a superb piece of model art to fill yourself with pride.

When not just any display case will do, rely on the quality and expertise that we offer for your Model Display here at Grandpa’s Cabinets.

Our Model Car Display Cases: If You Can Imagine It, We Can Build it!

We love model cars as much as we love crafting display cases to protect and admire them. Most of our customers order a display case consisting of a wooden base and an acrylic cover. Make the model car display case of your dreams a reality by specifying the exact dimensions for your build.

Wooden Display-Case Bases for Model Cars

model car display case 6Whether you’ve pictured wall-mounted shelves, bookcase-style cubbies, a staggered shelf design, or a tabletop base, we can make it happen! But when it comes to wood for the display case base, don’t expect to find any imitation laminates or plywood from us at Grandpa’s Cabinets. We use only the finest furniture-quality oak and cedar hardwood, stained or painted, to create the bases for our wooden display cases for model cars.

When considering a Collectible Display for your model cars, a shelf cut from solid wood comes first in line. The dark stain on a quality wood piece helps bring out the eye-catching colors of your hand-painted collection whether you’re showcasing a self-made model or a collection of diecast models.

Acrylic Display-Case Covers

model car display case irish racing collectionWhat better way to show off your work than a custom-built acrylic display case cover for your model car? Our optical-grade acrylic covers (minimum 3/16” thickness), complete with crystal-clear top and side viewing walls that rest upon an optional hardwood display base that we stain to the color finish of your choice. With a custom acrylic display case from Grandpa’s Cabinets, you’ll be able to showcase your work professionally while ensuring the safety and protection your model deserves.


Diecast Model Display Cases

At Grandpa’s Cabinets, we don’t pull any stops when it comes to custom building diecast model display cases. For diecast model cars 1:18 to 1:25, we recommend a single-model acrylic display case cut to your specifications.

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