Model Display Cases

At Grandpa’s Cabinets, we value the hard work and care that goes into preparing any piece of model art.  Years ago, a model created by Ted Bunn was featured in Fine Scale Modeler magazine.  Ron made a custom display case for Ted’s model ship and Ron was encouraged to offer his cases for all model builders.   That’s why we offer quality, handcrafted model display cases and display case cabinets for scale models of any type and style, including:

Model Car Display Cases

model display car caseWhen it comes to showcasing your carefully crafted model cars, you won’t find a better value than the custom-made model car display cases Ron Baluch makes here at Grandpa’s Cabinets. Made from high-transparency, optical-grade acrylics, our cases enable you to display your favorite model cars with as much pride and care as you used while crafting them.

Edge Display for Model Art Pieces

All custom model car display cases feature “bent edge” acrylic casing for dimension specifications under 40”, which add protection and easy viewing while fitting perfectly over hardwood oak display stands.

Whatever dimensions you specify, our acrylic edge displays are guaranteed to fit your model and protect your work for years to come.

Aircraft Model Display Cases

aircraft model display casesLet the craftsmanship of your aircraft models soar to new heights in one of our handmade aircraft model display cases! At Grandpa’s Cabinets, Ron uses museum standard adhesives to bond a picturesque, memorabilia cube cut to your specified dimensions. It comes set over a solid, hardwood display base of your choice. You’ll be sure to land attention while preserving the longevity of your treasured models.



Model Train Display Cases

model train display caseYou don’t need a ticket to ride, just a passion for displaying what matters most. With a growing resurgence in popularity, model trains and replica locomotive builds have been gaining momentum for several years now. At Grandpa’s Cabinets, we recommend acrylic display cabinets for any model train enthusiast looking to station their collection.



Model Ship Display Cases

model ship display caseWe’re on board to help create a display case for any naval collectible in your fleet. Guard your treasure with a custom-built model ship display case where your models can find safe harbor and be admired within a clear acrylic set within vertical and horizontal, solid wood trappings.

Oversized Display Cases

For oversized display cases that aren’t practical to mail due to shipping constraints, customers can opt for a high-quality acrylic display kit.

Cut to your specifications, our custom display kits feature hardwood trim, a solid, hardwood display base stained to the color finish of your choice, and sheets of high-grade optical acrylic coated with paper outer coverings during shipping to prevent scuffing.

Best of all, you can assemble our custom display kits with ease in the comfort of your own home.

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