Model Ship Display Case

Collecting or building model ships is a wonderful hobby. Have you considered storing your ships in custom-built model ship display cases? These can protect your ship models from harmful particles, mold, dust, debris, and other pollutants while also enabling you to show them off. Acrylic model ship display cases can also protect your precious collection from falling, breakage, or the hands of curious young children.


Various display cases for model ships exist, but at Grandpa’s Cabinets, we craft superior model ship display cases by creating a hardwood base and an acrylic cover. Our cases look amazing while also providing the best protection. We custom-build each acrylic display cover and base.

Acrylic Model Ship Display Cases

At Grandpa’s Cabinets, artisan cabinetmaker Ron Baluch uses solid and robust hardwood—never cheap materials like laminates or veneers—to build your custom display base. For the cover, we only use  optical-grade acrylic (at a minimum thickness of 3/16”) that offers crystal-clear transparency. This enables you to proudly show off your ship models for the world to see.

Our custom-built design process ensures that you’ll receive a complete and finished product sized perfectly for the designated piece of your collection.

Our Construction Process

Our precise construction ensures the best viewing experience for an attractive model ship display case. Ron uses a bent-edge technique to create the corners and edges of the acrylic for cases less than 40”. This process involves heating the acrylic and bending it to create three of the corners. For larger cases, we use a constructed-edge design to join the edges and corners together.

For Extra-Large Ship Models

If you have a gigantic ship model, we can handle a case for that, too, but we have a slightly different technique that involves precutting the base and the acrylic sides and top, along with trim to join the edges. We would send you the pieces in a kit along with instructions for easy assembly in your home.

Additional Features and Benefits

At Grandpa’s Cabinets, we work directly with every customer to custom-build a display case to their specifications. Some features and benefits you can expect include:

  • Light weight: Acrylic is a lightweight material that’s easy to work with. Unlike glass, you won’t have to worry about breakage.
  • Glass-like optics: While glass can break more easily than other materials, people still like glass due to its aesthetics. Acrylic offers many of the same optics without sacrificing protection.
  • Low maintenance: Your custom-built acrylic ship model case won’t require much maintenance. Occasional cleaning with a soft cloth is usually enough to prevent scratches, scrapes, and other blemishes.
  • Fast turnaround time:  Your model case will take no more than three weeks to complete.
  • Precise specifications: Provide us with the specifications you need, and we’ll do our best to match them. The finished size of your display case will always fit your model display.

Display Cases for Model Ships

Whether you’re building a model ship from scratch or from a pre-assembly kit, you’ll want to protect it for years to come. Explore our many model ship display case options by calling us at Grandpa’s Cabinets at (586) 506-2222 for a quote today!