Acrylic Display Case

Investing in a custom-designed acrylic display case is a smart way to protect your antique objects, sculptural art, pottery, and figurines. Acrylic display cases have numerous benefits for displaying individual objects or groupings, and they are more damage-resistant than glass display cases while providing the same clarity and visibility. Our cases will display, store, and protect your precious items and objects from dust, environmental damage, handling, and breakage.

At Grandpa’s Cabinets, artisan Ron Baluch handcrafts the highest-quality custom display cases.

Features and Materials

At Grandpa’s Cabinets, we provide custom tabletop or wall-mounted acrylic display cases of any size and for any purpose. Our tabletop display cases usually contain two parts:

  • A crystal-clear, optical-grade acrylic cover of varying thicknesses (minimum 3/16”) for sides and top, which you can order with or without a base
  • A display base of solid hardwood, which we stain (or paint, if you desire)

Model Display Kit Option for Very Large Objects

If you need a custom case that exceeds shipping size limitations, we also offer a self-assembly acrylic hardwood trimmed model display kit with stained hardwood trim and base (no laminates or plywood) and optical grade acrylic panels for sides and top of the case. All pieces will come cut to size and ready for easy customer assembly.

Acrylic Wall-Mounted Display Case

model train display caseAn acrylic wall-mounted display case is a great solution to protect smaller figurines, flags, books, and other collectibles. Your valuables will not get dusty or damaged with an acrylic display case wall mount. You can take advantage of wall space to display carvings, jewelry, baskets, and more. Our custom display cases prevent clutter by enabling you to create a museum-like arrangement that is visually appealing but not prone to being knocked around or falling off and breaking.

With a wall-mounted acrylic display case, you don’t need floor space or furniture to keep the objects safe but visible. Cleaning your acrylic wall display case only involves a simple wipe-down.

Large Acrylic Display Case

empty sword display caseLarger-sized acrylic display cases work well for collectors with constantly-expanding memorabilia or business owners who carefully display many products.

You may also need a large acrylic display case alongside a small one. Gifts, teddy bears, watches, fine jewelry, and other collectibles safe when you invest in custom acrylic display cases from Grandpa’s Cabinets.

Acrylic Display Case for Collectibles

sword display case 2At Grandpa’s Cabinets, we craft custom acrylic display cases that provide sturdy protection for multipurpose usages. Enjoy your favorite collectibles in a durable acrylic display case, a material that is preferable to glass. Acrylic does not leave a greenish tint like glass and is crystal clear for optimal visibility and enjoyment.

You take pride in your collections, so why not invest in the best type of protection? Action figures, sports memorabilia, antique porcelain, and rare or limited edition items often get dusty or break if you display them on a standard open shelf or cabinet. An acrylic display case ensures that you maintain the value of your investment.


Below are just a few of the types of acrylic display cases used for collectibles:

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