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Meet Grandpa’s Cabinets

Our Custom Display Case Craftsmanship

Grandpa’s Cabinets takes pride in their high quality display cases knowing that they will protect and enhance your model art for years to come. As a modeler, I know the time and effort spent creating a model.
You deserve a display case that embraces the same quality standards reflected in your model.

Below are a few pictures that describe the craftsmanship and design

Custom display case

Ron takes time to choose the best pieces of hardwood for the case or kit order and does the milling and shaping himself.

Custom display case in construction

Ron uses jigs and shaping tools to heat bend the acrylic sheeting to form the all optical grade acrylic that will end up as the cover for a display case.

The hardwood base has been routed and sanded to desired finish quality, and a final coat of polyurethane clear coat is applied.

The hardwood base is finished, clear coated, and the acrylic top is flame polished and test fitted for the quality fit and finish each customer expects just prior to packing for shipment.

Our Craftsman – Mr. Ron Baluch

Ron Baluch 

Ron Baluch has a passion for building models. He is an experienced craftsman whose meticulous attention to detail shows in the display cases that he makes. Ron’s quality model display cases protects models and memorabilia from dust. His model cabinets are the perfect solution to protect your model trains, planes, automobiles, ships and other collectables.

Designed to your specifications, all fine scale model display cases are made out of quality hardwoods stained and finished to a fine furniture quality finish. Ron uses whatever hardwood the customer desires but always keeps oak, cherry, maple and pine on hand and the cost for any of these is the same no matter the choice.

The clear top and sides are 3/16″ optical grade acrylic, durable, safe and UV protective and provide a great protection to your most precious collectibles.

​Ron believes display cases should have:

  • Quality materials for quality results
  • Excellent Craftsmanship
  • Attention to detail
  • Great Customer Service to keep you coming back!

Ron has been in the graphic arts field for over 30 years has been a wood worker for even longer. It is Ron’s passion that has driven him to starting “Grandpa’s Cabinets” which provide custom display cases for your finest models and memorabilia.  Ron found placing his models on the shelf only to collect dust and to be knocked over by admirers was more upsetting than having to repaint model mistakes.  Ron now offers modelers some protection and adds a true sense of pride in the skill and hard work of ship modeling. Grandpas Cabinet’s can create a variety of custom display cases for all your needs.