Custom Display Cases

Custom Display Cases Enhance and Protect Your Model Art

These custom display cases are made of a an optical grade acrylic that is crystal clear and of the highest quality. I only use solid hardwoods for the display bases and never use veneers or laminates. The customer benefits from fast production as I never need more than 3 weeks to complete a custom case order. My custom acrylic display cases are custom built and can be ordered with or without a base. Every display case is built custom made to the customer specifications.

You’ve worked hard on your model and want to protect it from accidental bumps or scratches. Custom display cases protect your model art from curious fingers seeking to touch your model while providing an artistic look worthy of a museum piece.

The clear top and sides are a minimum of 3/16″ thick optical grade acrylic that is placed and formed to attain a very precise finished interior dimension. Customers use these acrylic display covers to “exactly” fit over an existing base.

Custom Display Cases Custom Display Cases empty Custom Display Cases for collectibles


The benefits of a custom display case for your model car, model ship, model plane or other collectable include:

  • Ordering with confidence knowing your model art is protected and handsomely displayed with a Grandpas Cabinets custom display case
  • Display case can be customized to your exact specifications.  We pride our selves on being able to satisfy our customer unique requests.  Your model art is a unique representation of your hard work, diligence and talent.  Our custom display cases are built to compliment the artwork as well as protect it.
  • A display case protects your model art from curious hands as well as the bumps and scrapes found in a home.

Check out our craftsmanship

I design every custom display case with a look that provides smoother viewing and an overall better looking model display.  For custom display cases under 40”, I use my bent edge style to add strength and rigidity while protecting the model art piece. If your display case is over 40”, then I use my constructed edge design which provides an equal amount of protection while enhancing the model art.

In the photo’s above, you can get a sense of what the construction process entails. The long upper edges are actually bent and acrylic is affixed to the outside ends to complete a case. This involves heating the acrylic and using forms and jigs, creating the three sides of a display case top. This works well with the routed edge oak bases used for mounting your models, as you can see. I will always try to get as close to your specs as possible, but there will always be a little variation in the finished size of the inside of your case. However, the acrylic upper display case will always perfectly match the base no matter which option you choose.

Acrylic Display Kit with Oak Trim and Base

PICT0136 PICT0140

The acrylic hardwood trimmed display kits shown above are often offered to customers who need a custom case that exceed shipping size limitations. The design is sold as a customer assembly kit, and the kit provides everything the customer needs to assemble their own custom display case as shown above. The acrylic is optical grade throughout and the wood is solid hardwood – no laminates or plywood!