Model Display Kits

Got a large model? Use a Model Display Kit!

When a customer requires a custom model display case for a very large model, Grandpa’s Cabinets has the answer. Shipping costs to send a case are already overwhelming, and when the box exceeds 130″ in length + girth, they soar!

So, now I have designed a case that the customer receives in parts, and with some very easy assembly, they produce a beautiful, furniture quality, display case for those REALLY BIG builds. You receive everything you need, completely cut to size and finished in the stain color of your choice.

All hardwood pieces are also top coated with a clear satin polyurethane and no tools or glues are required to assemble this fine case. The acrylic is sent with the protective paper coatings attached to protect it from damage during shipping. When you have a large model that needs protection from everything, consider these model display kits.

You won’t be disappointed with your choice.
model display kit

The case in the picture needed to be no taller than 48″, and a minimum of 36″ wide and 14″ deep to fit this customer’s sailboat . I was able to fit the 46 1/2″ tall boat into the case kit, and it ended up measuring 47 7/8″ tall overall. As you can see, it was literally 1/8″ short of touching the ceiling. We can build custom to fit any circumstances.


Customer Satisfaction

Just had my niece and her husband come by and helped put the cabinet together. LOOKS GREAT !!!!!!!!!!!!!! VERY SATISFIED WITH THE WAY IT FITS THE SHIP AND THE ROOM !!!! – George Dunn