Titanic Model Ship Minicraft 1:350

Jun 6, 2020 | Uncategorized

I’ve built the Revell 1:350 Titanic and used all the materials supplied so my model came out exactly how they originally intended it to. Though it is a pretty nice model, I just wanted to try again this time with the 1:350 kit by Minicraft. I chose the kit that included the PE additional parts and ordered some paints that were mixed specifically for the Titanic.

titanic ron baluch custom display case 1

I started the build with the hull after doing a little trial fitting of the deck pieces. I found the deck was needing some adjusting as it just didn’t fit the hull. After some file work, all seemed to be workable. I then began doing the painting of the deck color on all parts that would need painting of that color with my airbrush and hand painted all the deck hardware by brush.

titanic ron baluch custom display case 2

I painted the stacks with the color I thought was most correct as well as the canvas white on all the lifeboats etc. I used white Tamiya acrylic for all white trim and anything that wasn’t meant to be canvas white. After some research, I found the grey colors needed for the areas under the stacks and the browns for the railings and areas under the hatch covers.

titanic ron baluch custom display case 5

The last part of this build, and honestly the most difficult for me was the rigging. Other modelers claim that’s their least enjoyable part of modeling and I have to agree. It adds so much to a finished piece but it’s just so darn easy to make mistakes. I used to least enjoy working with PE but on this one, it was actually quite enjoyable and I think I did a pretty good job with it.

I would recommend this kit to anyone with a ton of patience and desire to work on something that will be a treasured display when complete. My only suggestion is to take your time, be patient and do your utmost best to paint with slow accurate determination. I really tried to do the painting expertly but no matter how hard I try, I never think it’s anywhere as good as so many others I’ve seen.

model ship titanic ron baluch custom display case

I have a signed print of the sinking of the titanic on my living room wall and wanted to build this and display it close to that area. I built a custom display case to fit this model which is what I do on a daily basis.

This case is all acrylic on a solid oak base and allows my work to be safely displayed and kept from dust and curious hands. I hope you like the finished piece and if you have any questions about the kit or build, contact me.

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