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Jun 27, 2022 | Custom Cases

Grandpa’s Cabinets has been asked to build a wide variety of Display Cases and cabinets lately. The latest builds I’ve been commissioned to build are Display Cases that are combined with a table. These are most times for large sailing ships and such and the customer wants their display to be all of the same wood and color. This makes their item able to be shown as a separate display and not just sitting on a shelf or table. When this is the case, I have designed a Table Kit combination that breaks down to allow shipping at the most reasonable cost and size.

These Table Kits come with everything you need and go together very easily. The only tools needed are a ½” open end wrench to tighten the nuts to hold the removable legs on. Here are some photos of what’s included.

custom display case table kit
Here you see the Table portion of the Table Kit. The groove on the outside border is where the acrylic panels are inserted to form the Display Kit portion of the Table Kit.
custom display case table kit 2
With this, you get the legs that easily fit into a pre-designed fastening system using just a nut and washer making them removable for ease of shipping.
custom display case table kit 3
Also included are the corner pieces and the acrylic panels all cut to exact size for a perfect fit when assembled.
custom display case ready to assemble
Lastly, you get the pre-fitted wood and acrylic top that locks the Kit together when placed onto the acrylic panels. This creates a beautiful display Table Kit to show off your most valued items.
finished display case table kit

Here is a finished assembled Display Table Kit built for a very large model.  This demonstrates Grandpa’s Cabinets willingness to build what the customer wants and needs to display their prized items beautifully.  The combination of a table and a kit all with the same wood and color makes the display a museum quality piece.

Go to www.grandpascabinets.com and browse the site.  There you’ll find other articles in the Blog section and see tons of photos in the Gallery as well.  While you’re there, fill out the Request a Quote form for a cost to build the Display Case, Display Kit or Table Kit for your most treasured item’s protection and professional display.

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