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Aug 17, 2011 | Blog

Shown in the photo here is a display case constructed to display a large model of an aircraft carrier a customer requested. The model was ordered completed and a high quality display case was needed to display this work of art. I explained that my work was of furniture quality and could be proudly displayed in any room of any home in any setting proudly.

model display kit light

This case was determined to be too large to be built in the conventional method, which is to have a solid oak or other hardwood base and an all acrylic cover with no hardwood trim. This happens when because of the overall size, the case would be too large when packed to fit within the guidelines of UPS for size or the danger of damage during shipping because of size becomes an unavoidable problem. So, with that in mind, I suggested this model be housed in a display case kit. I used red oak as the hardwood of choice and finished it in a dark walnut stain by Cabot with two topcoats of a clear satin polyurethane.

model display kit light

My kit cases are unique in that they require no tools, glues or screws to assemble, and just fit together and the case becomes self-supporting when assembled. The kit comes with everything and can be assembled in minutes easily by one person. In this case, the customer surprised me with a unique idea. He wanted light to be shined on the model, and decided to investigate using an aquarium fixture placed on the top of the case. I discussed this idea with him, and we decided to place some spacers between the light and the top acrylic cover to prevent any heat from warping or damaging the acrylic cover.

model display kit light

model display kit light

I think this case and model really proudly shows off a modeler’s art as well as making it a piece that anyone would be proud to display in a living room or den or museum if that’s needed. Hope you agree and if you have a need for a large case and want a price on your project, Contact Us and I’ll get right back to you

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