Grandpas Cabinets and a Bra?

Apr 30, 2010 | Blog

Yep..Grandapa’s Cabinet’s even builds custom display cases for bras!

This is actually a neat project as it was an artistic project for a breast cancer fundaraiser.

Below is the note I received from the client.

“Last evening we had a Holiday party at our home and all four of the artists who created the bra were here. They were in complete agreement: there could not be a better display case for the bra. I am enclosing the bra dedication for you to read because it captures how meaningful this is for me and why I wanted a special case to display the bra.”




Below is the dedication:

Flutter for Life

Our dear friend and fellow reader, Mary, was our inspiration for “Flutter for Life.”  The spirit with which she met the challenges of her breast cancer reminded us of the grace, beauty and perseverance of the butterfly.  We saw fragility and strength exist side by side.  As butterflies rely on each other and their environment to sustain life, our friend also needed a community of support.  Mary’s foundation for healing was made up of those who provided her medical care, her friends and family and other breast cancer survivors.  In our design, this life-sustaining support system is represented by the nectar-bearing flowers, the vines and the smaller butterflies.

We truly admire her grace, strength and inner beauty.  Much love and joy went into the creation of “Flutter for Life.”  So, dear friend, we dedicate our butterfly bra to you and the “girls.”

Designed and Constructed by
The “Literature and Libations” Book Club



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