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Sep 6, 2009 | Blog

When I started building acrylic display cases for model builders and collectors of just about anything, I was building each and every one as a custom display case where the dimensions, wood choices and acrylic design were made to the customer’s exact specifications and desires. This has worked well for me so far, and it seems that every customer has a specific finished look they want for the model they’ve spent months and sometimes years completing.

homepagemiddle200x150After some time, it’s become apparent that there are those customers who are trying to accomplish two things with regard to displaying their wares. First, they want quality and a fine furniture quality case to show off their builds, and secondly and with the economy of late, they want a price they can fit into their budget. This necessity gave me the idea to offer those who this would work for the choice of a limited number of standard acrylic display cases that fit several different sizes of models.

This idea caused me to go onto some of the forum sites and ask the general modeling public what sizes they would recommend if they had a choice of standard cases to choose from. After several replies and collecting all the various size suggestions, I came up with 6 sizes of model display cases to choose from in the standard acrylic display case section of my site.

By standardizing the sizes, determining how I can get the most out of a piece of acrylic with the minimum of waste, and cutting the acrylic into pieces for several cases at the same time, thereby saving a lot of setup time with the machinery, I was able to reduce the cost on these case choices.

Each case is made with exactly the same attention to my quality demands, but the savings in materials and machine setup time allows me to offer these at discounted pricing. I produce the oak bases to fit their respective acrylic case and leave it unfinished or stained until the customer orders that case, which I then stain and finish to the customer’s request. This actually makes the case custom to that customer since they determine the base color and finish.

It seems that as in all business ventures, a company grows and continues to change and mold it’s sales goals over time, and this is just one of many more to come with regard to this companies goals to provide furniture quality custom and standard acrylic display cases for modelers and collectors alike.



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