Edmund Fitzgerald Custom Display Case

Being a former resident of Michigan for most of my life, the great lakes and her freighters have always been a part of my life. I worked and lived along the St. Clair River and her connected lakes and spent many days watching the freighters make their way down the river on their way to Lake Erie and up to Lake Huron and on. When the Edmund Fitzgerald sank with all her crew up in Whitefish Bay I remember the very moment the news broke and just what I was doing then.

A modeler had a model of the Fitz that needed a protective case and I was asked to build for her. Here’s the finished display and I’m happy to say I’m truly proud to be a part of this memorial display. The case has an oak base finished in a natural finish.

Edmund Fitzgerald Custom Display Case

Edmund Fitzgerald

About Ron Baluch

Ron has been in the graphic arts field for over 30 years has been a wood worker for even longer. It is Ron's passion that has driven him to starting "Grandpa's Cabinets" which provide custom display cases for your finest models and memorabilia.


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