Specialty Display Cases

When you look at the photos of the display cases Grandpa’s Cabinets has made over the years, you might get the idea that all we do is place ships and airplanes on display in our model display cases. Well, that could not be farther from the truth. Ron has been making custom display cases to house so much more than models as some of the photos will show.

speciality display case

When a customer says they have an old antique pocket watch to display, a display case was designed and made for just that purpose. Then another customer asks for suggestions on displaying a crocheted bra that was given to a cancer survivor from a support group and this husband wanted a display case to proudly show off his wife’s triumph.

Another customer had two very antique Geisha dolls to be displayed that his wife received from a prominent gentleman in Japan as a gift and again, Grandpa’s Cabinets was there to fill the bill.

So, no matter what the subject matter is, if it needs protection and a beautiful display and it’s important to you please let Grandpa’s Cabinets know what you need displayed and Ron will come up with something that will fill the need and do it professionally and beautifully.

Antique Hat
In Memoriam
Pocket Watch
Time Capsule