Why Use a Custom Display Case For Collectibles and Models?

Jul 25, 2009 | Blog

Why Use a Custom Display Case For Collectibles and Models?

For more years than one can imagine, people of all ages have been collecting precious articles to display and keep for future generations to appreciate and admire. This is also true of the scale model builder who not only collects but actually builds what they wish to display.

I’ve been building scale models in plastic for several years now, mostly as a hobby and relaxation technique, and after several disasters and failures, have finally completed a few that I’m actually proud to display. I especially like scale model ships, and lately have been building war ships from around the world, both new and old.

After completing one of these builds, the USS Arizona, I placed it on a shelf for all to admire, and within a few weeks of the pets dancing around the house, I noticed a collection of pet hair and dust accumulated on the model. When I tried to clean this, static and moisture had accumulated on it and removing the dirt became a nightmare. With that problem, I decided to build an acrylic cover for the model to keep it clean and safe.

Being a woodworker and furniture maker, I decided on using both optical grade acrylic and oak as my materials. The result was great, and my wife wasn’t opposed to displaying the case in the living room with her other furniture and collectibles.

The cases are made with an acrylic cover and using solid oak or other hardwoods with routed and decorative edging, stained and finished to a smooth furniture quality. After putting all the effort and work into my model, I felt rewarded when I had a complete scale model that I really wanted to display and protect. If one puts time and effort into creating am model, they really should invest in a display case to protect that special one of a kind model.

A quick Google search for custom display cases will yield a variety of display cases on the market.   As a scale modeler, you should select the best case that enhances your work, time and effort. Several inexpensive plastic display cases are available, however, a cheap looking display cases will make your model look cheap. By investing in a quality and durable display case, your model will be further protected and artistically enhanced. You want your scale model to be showcased as a piece of art instead of something you can buy from a store at Walmart. I also found by investing in a nice display case, my wife is more likely to let me display my models around the house.

If your are mechanically minded, you can construct the display case yourself, however, I found it is beneficial to find a quality craftsman who can include a high quality acrylic and different woods to create a quality case that is pleasing to the eye. If you have a large scale model, you will likely need a custom display case to meet your model’s specifications. I’ve worked with several craftsmen who helped me design the best display case for my model. From my experience, I found adding a custom display case to protect and preserve my time consuming work as a valuable investment. I’d hate to see my USS Arizona model ship scattered on the floor because the family cat decided to take a look!

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