What is a Custom Display Kit and Why You Need One

Jul 25, 2009 | Blog

What is a Custom Display Kit and Why You Need One

As a scale modeler, you may have seen a variety of display kits that are built in various sizes. You may have seen a custom display kit and wondered how does it differ from a standard custom display case. This article gives you a brief overview of a display kit compared to a standard display case.

I’ve been building custom display cases for collectibles and scale model builders to allow display of their items for years now, and after having some requests for very large cases, I needed to develop a kit form of case. The reason for this wasn’t to save cost, but rather to be able to ship the case by usual means like UPS or the US Postal Service. They have size restrictions on how large a box can be shipped, and this made it necessary to come up with some new ideas.

When someone needs a model display case to house, for example, their wood model of Old Ironsides, where the ship is 42″ long by 8″ wide by 26″ tall, the acrylic cover and oak base case, when packaged and boxed for shipping is just too large to be eligible for standard shipping. So, necessity becomes the mother of invention, and I decided to offer a kit form of case. 

The kit comes with everything needed, and requires no tools or glues to assemble. When it’s put together, it becomes self supporting, and stands on its own. There is the solid oak base and solid oak corner pieces to hold the acrylic sheets that make up the front, back and sides. A framed oak top that when placed onto the assembled case, holds it all together. This produces a museum quality case that is both shippable and provides a classic furniture quality display atmosphere for the scale model builder with that “really big model.”

The main benefit of a custom display case kit is the kit comes with everything you need and there is no need to purchase glass from a local supplier. I feel using glass tends to present potential problems where accidents or children could be seriously hurt if there was an accident and glass was broken while wandering hands touch and feel. It’s worth considering if you need to protect and display that one of a kind model.

Various vendors produce a variety of custom display cases, however, they are constrained to limited sizes. The kit approach eliminates this problem and using the right kit from the right display case manufacturer will ensure construction your model display case is a snap!

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