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Sep 6, 2009 | Custom Cases

At Grandpa’s Cabinets, we often get requests for custom wood work.  If you’re interested in a custom bookcase, entertainment center, and special display case, please contact us.

I’ve been building furniture in hardwoods for most of my life, and necessity has always been the stimulation for building, purchasing tools and equipment to make the projects possible, and learning the “tips of the trade”. My favorite works are in the cabinet area, and as the photo of the home entertainment center shows, size is not a problem.  Necessity was the push for this project. My wife and I purchased our first large screen TV, and had it sitting against a wall. After looking at it just sitting there, I decided to look online for what’s available to encase this piece, and hold the other audio components in style. The Amish offered the nicest pieces in bridge cabinets, which is how this cabinet is designed, and they use only solid hardwoods. So, the birth of a cabinet happens.

I’m located in Florida, and for anyone interested in a piece of custom built hardwood furniture, hope chest, coffee table or that special case, I am always available to build, but please consider the shipping costs and restrictions. I’m proud of my one man enterprise and try to pass the efficiencies onto my customers versus the traditional brick and mortar companies.  I run a complete woodshop and I do this as a passion that yielded the custom display case offerings.  Hundreds of model builders and collectors have used my display cases and I’d like the opportunity to build a custom piece of furniture for you!

Below are just a few samples of our custom work using the same high quality techniques found in our custom display cabinets.


Antique Timepiece Display Case


Custom Entertainment Center




Wooden Clocks


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