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Grandpa’s Cabinets takes pride in their high quality display cases knowing that they will protect and enhance your model art for years to come. As a modeler, I know the time and effort spent creating a model.
You deserve a display case that embraces the same quality standards reflected in your model.

Below are a few pictures that describe the craftsmanship and design


After choosing a pleasing wood grain pattern, the oak is cut to finished size for routing and finishing.

Ron now works with the optical quality acrylic on the bending jig, creating the cover to fit the oak base.

The oak base has been routed and sanded to desired finish quality, and a final coat of polyurethane clear coat is applied.

The oak base is finished, clear coated, and the acrylic top is flame polished and test fitted for the quality fit and finish each customer expects just prior to packing for shipment.




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