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Grandpa’s Cabinets launches a new YouTube Channel

In between making awesome custom display cases, Grandpa’s Cabinet’s has launched its own YouTube Channel

custom display case videos

Visit our channel to learn more about our custom display cases, custom display kits and how Grandpa’s Cabinets can bring you the best model cases for all your modeling needs.

Here are a few of our recent videos:



Memorial Flag Display Case

Grandpa’s Cabinets has been known primarily for building custom display cases for models of all varieties including ships, cars, planes, diorama’s, dolls, soccer gloves and just about anything you might think of.  Well, besides these, I also build furniture and anything related to wood.  One of the things I offer and custom build is the Memorial Flag Display Case.  I offer either red oak or cherry solid hardwoods and I finish with any stain color a customer might desire.  The flag size I make these to house is the 5 x 9 foot size that’s normally draped over the coffin of a deceased veteran.  This one shown here I made for my father who was a WWII vet who served from D-Day, Omaha Beach right on through to the end of the war in Germany.

Dads overall image


I also offer brass plaques with personalizations to suit any customer’s requirements or desires.  I mounted one memorializing my dad as shown below.

dads with plaque


Recently a customer asked for a flag case for their relative who recently passed but they wanted a different twist in the base.  They wanted to be able to display a plaque on the front face of the base so it could be seen from afar.  We determined they needed an area on the front of the base of 2″ to mount a plaque that was 1 1/2″ high.  I designed this alteration to my usual case, which wasn’t an issue since I build everything custom to any customer’s specs, to include a base with some additional moldings.  It gives the customer a place to mount their plaque and also gives the flag a more prominent display wherever they might choose to place it.  Grandpa’s Cabinets offers these cases and the cost for the standard case is $89.00 plus shipping and applicable taxes and for the case with the larger base, $119.00.  These are hand made, custom, and if interested, contact Ron Baluch at and please visit my site, for information on everything I offer.

New overall with baseAfter the customer received the case you see here, she let me know it was to display the flag that draped a relative’s coffin.  She also sent me the following quote:

I have received the flag case today.  Absolutely astounding work Mr. Baluch.  We couldn’t be happier.    Thank you many times over for your work of excellence.  It will be an heirloom in my family for a lifetime.
God bless you with much favor and extended health.

Coffee Pod Holder



Well, as with almost everything ever invented, necessity is the mother of invention and this special cabinet is no exception.

My wife and I just got a new single cup coffee maker and we found that going to the cupboard every time we needed a coffee pod was just inconvenient. So, being the furniture maker, I went about making this item to sit on the counter right near the coffee maker.

It is made from solid red oak throughout with no veneers or inferior products anywhere.

I chose to make it large enough to hold 20 pods and not too large to take up too much space on any kitchen counter or business conference room.

The overall size is 14″ wide x 11″ deep and approximately 4″ high overall. This would be the standard size I am offering, and I will finish it in either the natural finish as shown in these photos, or I can stain the oak to any color you might want or need.

The cost for this beautiful pod case is $95.00 plus $19.00 shipping to anywhere in the continental United States. If you want to be one of the first to have this beautiful hand crafted furniture quality pod case sitting near your coffee maker just click on the “Buy Now” tab below and place your order today.

Coffee Pod Holder Colors

Your coffee pod holder can be made in a variety of stains including:

Red Oak
Colonial Maple
Red Mahogany
Dark Walnut
Golden Oak


Order your Coffee Pod Holder today

$95.00 + $19 Shipping (Anywhere Continental US)


Customer Comments

We are a 100% customer focused and we’re proud to have the comments to prove it!

“… the display case you made for my Hood… In a word, WOW!! You did a very fine job on it. I love it !! It blows away
the case I paid more for … Top Notch!”

– Ted Bunn, as seen in Fine Scale Modeler

“Hi Ron, I received my cases today and they look AWESOME! Your work is very clean and neat and my ships will look great in your display cases. Its also nice to know that customer service is alive and well with Grandpa’s Cabinets. The turn around time exceeded my expectations. I will definitely use your services again”

– Charles Matthews

I looked over the cases yesterday and they were perfect. It’s especially good because I got similar cases from other guys ( I won’t mention names) but it took ten months to a year to get theirs, even after repeated complaints.

And your prices matched theirs — without the aggravation.

And your quality outstripped them. I will definitely be back.”

– Bob Murphy

The case arrived yesterday afternoon. It was in perfect condition. Beautiful job of packing. The case looks great, and it fits like a glove on the base I made. The case itself is very well done, very professional. Thank you for an easy, professional job and service.
– Kevin McClure

“This is absolutely what I wanted – the fit is flawless and the workmanship on both the case and wooden base is above reproach. When I started my search for a way to both display and protect a 100-year-old family heirloom model, every possibility was cost prohibitive. Ron’s case was not only affordable, but his customer service can’t be beat. What else could you want?” – Monty Fowler

“My order with Grandpa’s Cabinets was flawless. Ron gave me a quote by email, and went to work immediately on my order. He shipped the case the same day my check reached him. The case cover I ordered arrived well-packed, and fit perfectly. I had an odd-sized premade base, and Ron made the cover to fit within a 1/8 inch tolerance, all by email and at what I felt was a good price. I will order again from him.”
– Peter Van Buren

I just received a replacement display case from Grandpas Cabinets for one that was destroyed in shipping last week. All it took was a quick phone call to Ron Baluch explaining the condition the display case arrived in, he promised to start a replacement that weekend and get it shipped Monday. True to his word the case has arrived in excellent condition and is more then what I had expected, great workmanship and efforts for customer satisfaction.. – Roger Torgeson

My case looks great . . . fits like a glove around the existing base and nicely proportioned in terms of length/width/height. I really like the smooth, almost invisible edges. And your careful packaging insured safe delivery. – Bill Greene

“Ron built me a custom made all acrylic display case with a solid oak base according to the dimensions I needed and I couldn’t be more satisfied. The acrylic is optical quality and fits perfectly to the base. The price was also very reasonable. I ended up paying about half of what my other custom cases cost from another builder. His fast and friendly service made the entire transaction enjoyable. Ron is going to be building all my cases from now on.” – Ted Bunn

“I got the case you built for me this morning and it is really gorgeous!  I contacted two other companies to get estimates and they were not even close to yours…From now on you are doing all my special orders” – Bob Pence

“Ron, the case arrived today in perfect condition. The workmanship is very well done especially the delicate work of forming the acrylic edges and joining corners. Spectacular

I inserted the yet to be finished model of the Battleship Missouri and it immediately gave me a sense of what the total presentation will be like. It encourages me to build in even more detail into the model itself.  Thank you for the prompt and professional service. I have a collection of Brass locomotives that I will be asking you to build cases for soon. I look forward to the relationship.  My grandchildren will thrilled once they start receiving these presents over the next years! “- Bobby Poole

Got Model Display Case Questions? Give me a call!

If you have any questions, you can contact Ron Baluch via email or phone.

Each and every inquiry is important and we will take care of all your questions so your precious memorabilia or fine scale models look their very best in a custom display case from Grandpa’s Cabinets.


Phone: (586) 506-2222

Mailing Address
Grandpa’s Cabinets
2956 Stonegate Lane
Middleburg, FL 32068

Mr. Ron Baluch


Ron believes display cases should have:

  • Quality materials for quality results
  • Excellent Craftsmanship
  • Attention to detail
  • Great Customer Service to keep you coming back!

Ron has been in the graphic arts field for over 30 years has been a wood worker for even longer. It is Ron’s passion that has driven him to starting “Grandpa’s Cabinets” which provide custom display cases for your finest models and memorabilia.

Ron found placing his models on the shelf to collect dust and to be knocked over by admirers was more upseting than having to repaint model mistakes.

Ron now offers modelers some protection and adds a true sense of pride in the skill and hard work of ship modeling.

Custom Model Display Cases to Enhance and Protect Your Model Art

A model display case is an effective way to protect your model and reflect its high quality!  Ron Baluch of Grandpa’s Cabinets has a passion for quality and his custom display cases represent this quality in every way!

model display case model ship acrylic display case

model display case with ship

mccampbell200 cole200 mq200

Read about our latest custom display case commissioned by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

Our customers speak the praises of Ron’s display cases:

  • “Wow! I love it! Top Notch!” – Ted Bunn
    as seen in Fine Scale Modeler
  • “…AWESOME! Your work is very clean & neat.
  • My ships look great in your display cases
  • Customer service is alive and well with Grandpa’s Cabinets!
  • Turn around time exceeded expectations
  • will definitely use you services again
Ted Bunn was recently featured in Model Magazine and he still protects his model ships with model display cases from Grandpa’s Cabinets! modelmagazine151x213

Ron Baluch has a passion for building models. He is an experienced craftsman whose meticulous attention to detail showsin the display cases that he makes. Ron’s quality model display cases protects models and memorabilia from dust. His model cabinets are the perfect solution to protect your model trains, planes, automobiles, ships and other collectables.

Designed to your specifications, all fine scale model display cases are made out of quality oak wood with a fine furniture quality finish. Ron uses white or red oak for all the wood trim and bases. The finish is clear gloss polyurethane which is durable and long lasting. The clear top and sides are 1/8″ plexiglass, durable and safe for those with admiring children


Grandpa’s Cabinets takes pride in their high quality display cases knowing that they will protect and enhance your model art for years to come. As a modeler, I know the time and effort spent creating a model.
You deserve a display case that embraces the same quality standards reflected in your model.

Below are a few pictures that describe the craftsmanship and design


After choosing a pleasing wood grain pattern, the oak is cut to finished size for routing and finishing.

Ron now works with the optical quality acrylic on the bending jig, creating the cover to fit the oak base.

The oak base has been routed and sanded to desired finish quality, and a final coat of polyurethane clear coat is applied.

The oak base is finished, clear coated, and the acrylic top is flame polished and test fitted for the quality fit and finish each customer expects just prior to packing for shipment.




Order a Display Case

Order Standard Model Display Cases

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A model display case is an excellent choice to protect your model ship, model airplane, model car or any other type of model art. You’ve invested a lot of time into your artwork so take the final step and protect if from accidental bumps, scratches and crashes!

I offer my customers a variety of already assembled cases to fit almost any model size, and have allowed extra room to allow ideal presentation of their builds. These cases are designed and built to the exact same standards as all of my custom work, but because I build them in volume, I can offer you, the customer, a discounted price.

Each case is built with an all acrylic cover and the base is solid oak. I leave the base unfinished to allow you to choose either a natural finish with polyurethane topcoat, or a dark stain with polyurethane topcoat. I generally use Minwax oil based stain in their Special Walnut color. This gives a rich dark finish to the red oak I use. With the natural finish, the wood maintains its natural color and grain pattern with a deep rich color all its own.



Model Display Cases

Model Display Cases

A model display case is an excellent choice to protect your model ship, model airplane, model car or any other type of model art.  You’ve invested a lot of time into your artwork so take the final step and protect if from accidental bumps, scratches and crashes!

I have below a list of some of the most popular sizes. This list is only suggestion sizes, and I can build any size you require so if you don’t see what you want, just fill out the custom quote request and I will get you a price to exactly what you need.  Check out our custom display cases!

Each case is built with an all acrylic cover and the base is solid oak.  I allow you to choose either a natural finish with polyurethane topcoat, or a dark stain with polyurethane topcoat.  I generally use Minwax oil based stain in their Special Walnut color.  This gives a rich dark finish to the red oak I use.  With the natural finish, the wood maintains its natural color and grain pattern with a deep rich color all its own.

All dimensions are the inside size within the acrylic cover area

Our popular sizes include:

All dimensions are expressed in inches for length x width x height

  • 6x4x4 – $111.00
  • 8x4x4 – $111.00
  • 10x4x4 – $111.00
  • 10x4x6 – $115.00
  • 12x4x6 – $115.00
  • 12x12x4 – $130.00
  • 14x4x6 – $120.00
  • 14x14x4 – $135.00
  • 14x14x6 – $144.00
  • 16x4x6 – $120.00
  • 18x4x6 – $124.00
  • 20x6x6 – $135.00
  • 20x20x6 – $192.00
  • 20x6x8 – $144.00
  • 22x6x6 – $150.00
  • 24x6x8 – $154.00
  • 26x6x8 – $156.00
  • 28x6x8 – $165.00
  • 30x6x8 – $173.00
  • 30x6x10 -$182.00
  • 32x6x10 – $186.00
  • 34x6x10- $189.00
  • 36x6x10 – $193.00
  • 38x6x10 – $198.00

To place an order, please order from our Popular Display Cases form